If you are looking for hot water cylinder installation Auckland, then it is important to understand the different types of cylinders you can choose from and their differences. Homes with regular or system boilers require a hot water cylinder where the hot water from the boiler is stored unless the cylinder is the primary way of heating and storing the hot water. The two main types of hot water cylinder include:

- Vented cylinder

- Unvented cylinder

Vented Cylinder

This type of cylinder is supplied by a large tank containing cold water and is normally kept in the loft so that the water can be carried by the natural pull of gravity via a vent pipe into the hot water cylinder. The water expands as it is heated and the excess water escapes through the vent pipe to the tank. The vented cylinder system is cheaper and simpler to install and maintain. However, the only drawback of this type of cylinder is that it solely relies on gravity hence the water pressure will be dictated by the height of your cold water tank. This means that the taps upstairs will have a weaker pressure than those downstairs.

Unvented cylinder

Unlike the vented cylinder, the unvented cylinder is directly connected to the mains hence a cold water tank is not needed. This basically means that you eliminate the middleman which enhances a stronger water pressure. This cylinder has no vent pipe that can cope with excess water that expands in the process of heating. An inbuilt safety feature or an expansion unit will be inserted at top during the hot water cylinder installation to remedy the situation. These types of cylinders provide a stronger water pressure and there is no water tank needed which is prone to contamination or freezing in winter.

Both vented and unvented cylinders can have an immersion heater that will directly heat the water. The indirect method involves the use of a solar thermal system or boiler but most homeowners use both methods as an optional backup in case one system fails or breaks down. Contact Eagle Plumbing for the best hot water cylinder installation services in Auckland, New Zealand. We also offer residential and commercial plumbing, gasfitting and drainage services.