If you decided to visit this town on your trip to New Zealand, searching for good rental cars Whangarei is a must. As you probably already know, New Zealand isn’t a huge country. However, the attractions and towns are quite distant from each other, which makes having a functional vehicle a necessity. 

Whangarei offers many affordable car rentals. The companies focus on reliable and fast cars. That’s not surprising, given the fact that most of the tourists want to see as many attractions as possible, in a safe manner. A good car will allow you to move away from the town for a day and explore the beautiful wild nature with just a 20-minute drive. 

One of the things you could visit is Whangarei Falls, a reserve surrounding a spectacular 26-meter waterfall. Furthermore, you could also take a ride to Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary, a place featuring more than 20 different species. They mostly house large cats, such as lions, cheetas, and Bengal tigers.

If you decide to focus on the city itself, you also won’t be disappointed. Bear in mind that this isn't a massive city, but its broad, so renting a car will allow you to quickly discover everything it has to offer. If you’re into arts, take a look at the Whangarei Art Museum and Quarry Arts Centre. On the other hand, if you’re in for some shopping, you’ll also find excellent options scattered all around the city. 

Your holiday in New Zealand wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t learn something about Maori. And Whangarei has many things to offer in this field as well. They are especially proud of their heritage trails, which can be found at the Parihaka Scenic Reserves and Hatea Loop pathway.

Finally, if you have time, make complete use of your car and try to explore as much of the North Island as possible. With memorable sceneries and picturesque towns, we believe it would be a mistake not to explore the island a bit. Furthermore, if you’re not sure how to plan your vacation, we think the best idea would be to ask your car rental company directly. Travel agencies are great, but they will most likely offer you only crowdy tourist attraction. People who’re not directly connected with tourism are more likely to inform you about places locals love, and unexplored areas that will leave you in awe.