Today, dental implants Auckland are an effective and popular method of replacing your missing teeth and have been designed for blending in with rest of your teeth. They are a good long-term option for restoring that lost smile. They are prepared from titanium and any other such materials which are totally compatible with your human body. Basically, they are posts surgically positioned in the lower or upper jaw to function as strong anchors for the replacement teeth.

Talk to your dentist if you happen to be very self-conscious owing to some teeth missing, are wearing uncomfortable dentures or perhaps you don't wish to get your good tooth structure gotten rid of so as to make a dental bridge. Probably dental implants Auckland are just the appropriate option available for you. The Dental Association recommends that if your jawbone has not developed in the normal manner or has shrunk, it may be possible to get a bone graft, a method of adding some new bone onto your existing jawbone.

The majority of patients feel that an implant is stable, secure and an excellent replacement for their lost tooth.

Generally, there are 3 phases towards getting the dental implants Auckland:

- First of all, your dentist will surgically place the artificial implant into your jawbone. He or she might recommend a temporary diet of soft foods, warm soups or drinks during the period of healing.

- The next step is to get the bone surrounding the implant to heal through a process known as osseointegration which literally means combining with the bone.

- Finally, the placement of the artificial tooth is done. For only a one tooth implant, your dentist will tailor a new one for you, known as a dental crown based on shape, size, fit and color and designed for blending in with the other teeth. If more than one tooth is being replaced, custom-made dentures or bridges will be created to fit in the mouth and into your implants.